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I recently purchased a meyer snow plow set up off EBAY when I went to pick it up, the complete setup was sitting out in the rain including all the electronics and the touchpad. About two weeks later I installed the plow. When I went to see the plow worked I turned the touchpad on and it lifted the pump with out touching any of the arrows on the touchpad. I had to shut it off to make it stop. I thought it was a wiring problem in the solinoid, But every thing was right. I then started calling meyer dealers to purchase a new touchpad, but for some dumb reason every one closes at 12pm. on sat. it was 11:50, Frusterated with some bloody nuckles and wanting to see this thing work I took the touchpad apart and saw some moisture in it, I then put it on my defroster in my truck cranked the heat for about five minutes, put it back together and the ***** worked, Im glad all the plow suppliers closed at 12pm in my area because this touchpad was close to being in a landfill. DON'T LEAVE YOUR ELECTRONICS OUT IN THE RAIN

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