Meyer SaberI Lights to Buyers Universal 1311100


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Some may recall of recent posts looking for info on connecting Meyer Diamond EZ On to the less expensive Buyers Universal Lights 1311100. Thanks to all for hints on what to do and even a pic or two. The following is the cross connection scheme that I am going to use which I have verified with continuity and voltage checks. My current problem however, is that I have no High or Low Beam voltages on the Passenger side. It may be a fuse (if I could even find it) or the Meyer C module. I may be at the point of taking it to the shop to find that problem before I start splicing harness cables together. But, when that time comes here is the wires that I will cross connect.

Meyer Saber I Buyers Universal 1311100

Black (Neg Ground) TO Black (Neg Ground)

White (Low Beam) TO Yellow (Low Beam)

Red (High Beam) TO Green (High Beam)

Yellow (Parking) TO Brown (Parking)

Green (Turn Signal) TO Purple (Turn Signal)

Blue (Old Positive Common-Not used in Buyers)



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