Meyer Recall?????


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Purchased a new Meyer August of this year, E-60. Plowed for the first time Thursday. Lasted a whole 3 hours, then would not angle. Tried to remove couplers and could not budge them due to pressure built up. Went to local dealer, he replaced a coupler, worked for an hour then the same thing. Called the dealer who plow was purchased from, he states, "Oh yes, there was a recall on the couplers". Ok, then can I bring it to you to have it fixed?
"Oh no, not yet we don't have any of the replacement couplers".
Now I have a brand new plow I cannot use and can't even remove it from the truck without taking the coupler fittings totally off to relieve the pressure.

Has anyone else had this problem with their new Meyer plow? I should of learned, just stupid I guess, 3rd Meyer plow all with problems. Shame on me..........


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Glenview, Ill.

I haven't had just a problem with the couplers on Meyer units only, but with some of the aftermarket replacement couplers too. I have had about 25 couplers that have caused "slow" movement or "no" movement of the plow; or just allowing the plow to operate in "one" direction only. And some of these problems have been intermittent working one day and not the next. So if anyone is having any of these problems and is using couplers that say " parts for plows" and are the pintel design try another set of couplers first before tearing into the units. :rolleyes: John

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