meyer question has well

I to just discovered this site about three days ago and i really enjoy the site and the group my question if it is a repeat please bear with me til i figure the site out i have only one meyer in my fleet and when cold it lifts very hard the first time once you get it up operates normal after that last season the motor went the bolts broke off and the two spares were broke has well after pricing the pump assem and a new motor i opted to by a complete e-47 unit from meyer brand new not reconed so everthing is new iam using the blue low temo oil has well so iam kinda at a loss here is this just how a meyer is i dont want to offend any big meyer users out here but it was on the truck when i bought it otherwise scroll down you can see my loyality to western anyway any input would be greatly app

regards fred


Your post is a little hard to read and understand with no puctuation. If you want answers, you should make it a little easier for everyone to read your questions.
No offense intended.


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welcome to the site fred. I have a new meyer with the e-47 pump, I have never noticed if it lifts hard or not. It could just be normal. But i will check it out the next time i put it on. I hope some of the other guys that use meyer can help.:nono:


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meyer problem

We run a Meyers 7.5 on an F250 w/the 302 engine, have been for the last 6 or 7 years. I've noticed that the electical system has to recover form the initial engine start, heater warm up, etc., before we get a good strong lift action on the plow. Other than that, we haven't had any problems with it.

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Sounds like something seriously wrong w/ the pump unit itself. I just traded off a meyer plow this summer (went w/ truck when it was traded). Any how, it was a c-8 w/ an E60 pump on it. Never had any problem like U mentioned. Other problems though where more like pump always drawing moisture from someplace, bad lift solenoids, bad controller pad, and the bugger never did "roll" the snow as well as my Westerns do. I ran the plow for 3 seasons, Now I have a Western MVP.

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