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Meyer pump flush PROCEDURE

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by betmr, Dec 23, 2009.

  1. betmr

    betmr Junior Member
    from 08854
    Messages: 12

    I have numerous Meyer Plow Pumps. Everything I see here talks about what to use to flush, but nothing about how to do it. Even the owner's manual says what to flush with, but not HOW.

    Can anyone help me out here, as I have one E-58 H that I can't seem to get all the moisture out of, and in the middle of storms it keeps freezing up. It's on a Diamond plow, and some of you know how heavy they are. And it always happens with the plow down!!!

    Can any one tell me where I might find the procedure for flushing the pump? Thanx
  2. festerw

    festerw Senior Member
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  3. Kenyou

    Kenyou Senior Member
    Messages: 375

    Hi betmr, Welcome to plowsite.
    This has been discussed many times on Plow Site.

    I would suspect that the reason that your plow is freezing up all the time is that water is getting in somehow. Oil wont freeze. I would suggest that you fix the leak or all the work flushing it will be for nothing. I had the problem with pitted angle ram and a bad connection. Just remember that if plow fluid can leak out, water can get in. Here is what I do to Flush the system. It's basically the same as changing fluid.

    To change plow fluid:
    Set the a-frame on blocks so the plow is off ground and the blade can be moved back and forth by hand.
    Drain the pump. For my E-60, the Allen plug is at the bottom of the pump. If there isn’t a plug to empty it, you may have to turn the pump upside down and drain through the refill hole. Or you can use a suction pump and suck it out, which may be easier if you have a suction pump. I never tried that though. Clean or replace your pump filters!
    Drain the angle rams by disconnecting the quick connects and connecting them to an extra set of quick connects with open hoses going into a container or else it will go onto the ground or floor. Push the plow blade back and forth by hand and the old fluid will come out, Now remove the extra quick connects and hook up the regular hoses up as normal. You can now refill the pump with the proper fluid or Flushing agent. When you refill the system, or just checking the level, be sure the Lift Cylinder Ram is all the way down when in Float, before refilling the system. After you refill it and put everything back together, you'll need to operate all the plow functions a few time's and refill the pump.

    With the front of the Angle cylinders lower than the truck, to work out any air that gets in the system and then remove the fill plug again and top it off with fluid if needed.

    To Flush the system: It's the same as changing fluid but you may have to do it over and over.
    After emptying the pump and rams as described above, remove the extra quick connects and hook up as normal and fill the pump with Naptha or Mineral Spirits.
    Cycle all functions of the pump with the plow controls for a few times and then empty it all out again into a clean container this time and each time you do it to see if it is getting cleaner.
    If the flushing agent comes out clean, drain pump and angle rams as you just did with the extra quick connects and fill with the proper fluid.
    Now if the first oil and or Flushing agent comes out dirty or milky, repeat the above using clean agent over and over until it comes out clean. If it comes out milky, you have water getting into your system. If the last flush comes out nice and clean, save that and use it for the first flush the next time you Flush the system. If you just have to use Kerosene, then Meyers recommends using Naptha anyway to make sure that you get all the Kerosene out before filling it with the proper fluid. Kerosene don’t belong in there for other than a quick cleaning.

    A good method to bleed the system of air is to park with the angle cylinders pointed down hill so that the ports in the cylinders are higher than the front part of the cylinder. Start angling the plow back and forth and this will push the air up and out of the pressure relief fitting.
    Don’t forget to check your fluid level.
  4. thesnowman269

    thesnowman269 Senior Member
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  5. betmr

    betmr Junior Member
    from 08854
    Messages: 12

    Thanx for the quick Ripley's. I'll be getting on it right away, Thanx again