Meyer Poly on Fisher Plow ?


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I have a new fisher quick mount which i love and have only used fisher. The thing is, i can be more efficient if i make the plow a little heavier. Here is what i was thinking, would it be possible to purchase just the poly part of the meyer plow(the actaul plastic plow) and bolt to the front of my fisher plow. this would also stop the wet snow from sticking to the front of my plow.
What do you guys think.


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contact mill supplly, I think they sell a replacement polyethylene moldbaord cover that is a lot less than a new skin from meyer.


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I have heard that fitting a Poly board to a Meyer frame is difficult because it is hard to bend it in to fit. I am not sure if this would translate into bolting it to a Fisher blade. One cocern I have is that it would trap moisture between the steel and poly blades. This could cause the steel to rust out.


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You can take your plow to anywhere that applies spray on urethane truck bed linings (Rhino etc.) and have them spray on a light coating on the front of the moldboard before installing the poly cover. This will prevent rust between the moldboard and cover.

I think I'll have the rear of the moldboard sprayed on my next new plow.

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"The thing is, i can be more efficient if i make the plow a little heavier."
I believe Fisher plows are about the heaviest out there? Putting a 1\4" plastic mold board isn't going to add much weight to your plow. If you are just trying to deal with the snow sticking problem, you could buy the real thin plastic Plow Shields available at most of the on line parts suppliers for around $50.00. When properly installed there isn't really a moisture problem between them & the steel, or to be sure, go with DaveK's idea.