Meyer Plows??


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Went to power show in Columbus yesterday and found a used meyer plow. I'm wondering if any of you would suggest a meyer plow? It has been reconditioned with new paint and new pumps. It's a 6.5' and I'm planning on using it on a 1994 S-10 4x4. Price they are asking is $1250.00. What do you all think about this blade? Thanks for your advice, it is greatly appreciated, as I know nothing about snow plows.


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All things considered, that is a good price, and if the unit is in good shape, then buy it. You can do a search under "meyer" in the search button, and see what we have all written about meyer plows in the last few months. The good bad and ugly. If you are going to do a few private drives and your own areas, then it should work out fine for you.

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