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Meyer Plow mount

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by mattman, Nov 14, 2004.

  1. mattman

    mattman Junior Member
    from MN
    Messages: 0

    I purchased a Meyer ST-7 setup last winter. I didn't use it because I used my older skid loader with a 54" bucket to plow my drive. However, with winter knocking on our doorstep I'm anxious to get the plow together. A little background info... The plow came off of a '97 F150 or F250, I don't know which. I have a '91 F150 and a '69 Toyota Landcruiser. The truck is a daily driver with my commute to work being 7miles to town. The LC is a freebie that runs well and doesn't get any use. I checked the mount and it won't fit the F150 without some welding, etc. It won't fit on the LC without some considerable modification. The plow would be more practical on the LC, but Meyer doesn't make a mount for a vehicle that old. Meyer does make a new mount for the F150 which will cost about $450. I don't want to be taking the plow on and off of the F150 for my daily commute. So the big question is, does anyone have an old mount for a late 60's LC? Or know of someone that could fabricate one in MN without costing an arm and a leg. I might know of someone that could do the welding, but I don't know how high off of the ground the mount to the frame should be. Any thoughts or suggestions? Many thanks in advance. Matt