Meyer plow mount kits


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I just bought a meyer st7.5 plow that was mounted on a 92 1/2 ton dodge, and want to mount it on either my 94 or 97 dodge cummins 3/4 ton 4x4. I need a different mount kit than the one that came with the plow, and would like to pick your brains as to a good source for used or new plow mounts, as well as a good way to dispose of the one I have that I dont need. Thanks Phil


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try your dealer. i was able to get the used subframe for my truck for a fraction of a new one. it was in mint condition and i gave the dealer the toyota subframe that came with the plow. our dealer is the largest one in the area so he had connections all over the place.


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Where are you? LOCATION please

Like the man said, check with your dealer first to see about mabye trading mounts. You can usually buy new mounts over the net cheaper though. Do a search on "snowplow parts". We get most of our parts from Central Parts Warehouse. Another good location is the "snowplow homepage" Good luck

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