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Lou asked me to repost this from the old forum. These are great modifications. Thanks again for sharing Lou!<p>&quot;Meyer 7.5 plow modifications&quot;<br>Posted by vecchio on Oct-01-99 at 00:06 AM (EST)<br> <br>After 5 years of good service, I made the following modifications for wear and the type of plowing I do here in Oregon to the 7.5 poly board plow.<br>1. replaced all bolts w/ grade 8 and the correct shoulder length.<p>2. replaced king pin w/ 3/4&quot;bolt and welded 3/8&quot; upper and lower support plates.<p>3. The slide ring guide on the front of the A frame had a piece of wide strap placed on the underside, folded over, and tacked. This takes out a lot of slop and can be easily replaced.<p>4. Drilled out the mounting forks to 3/4&quot; and welded 1/4&quot; strap on top of the forks with a shorter piece on the bottom.<p>5. Welded 3/8&quot; stock on the outer sides of each of the fork receivers on the plow mount.<p>6. Replaced pins w/ 3/4&quot; tractor pins.<p>7. The rear hole of the lift arm had a 1 1/4&quot; piece of solid stockdrilled and tacked in place.<p>8. The pump hole had a piece of 1/4&quot; stock drilled and tacked on each side of the arm.<p>9. 1&quot; stocked was welded (horizontal) on each side of the ring guide as a stop.<p>10. Blade width was extended from 7.5 to 8' by centering a 8' length of 6&quot; X 3/8&quot; iron for the cutting blade, and a 8' length angle iron for the deflector. 1/4&quot; sheet was cut 3&quot; wide for each side of the moldboard,rolled for contour, and cut to length. The upper extensions are bolted to the angle iron (2 ea.) and the bottom to the cutting blade (2 ea) <p>11. The Meyer skids were replaced by round flat bottom skids.<p>That's enough for this year. If you have any neat ideas or tricks you have done, I'd like to hear them.......<p><br>Lou<br>---------------------------------------------<p>Well there you have it. There's a few pics of Lou's plow on my &quot;Our Equipment&quot; pages.<br><p><p>~Chuck<br><p>----------<br>Chuck's Chevy Truck Pages - Snowplowing Central<br>

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