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Looking for information / opinions about Meyer Nite-Saber plow lights. Have had recurring problems with the "modules" under the hood and their wire harness adapters. It's under warranty now, but I'm not looking foward to next year. What happend to the good old days when we didn't need the help of a computer to turn on the lights? Are there any alternatives to these lights? Can they be connected differently (without the magic modules) - Help.

I have a complete light kit in my shop, still in the box. It is made by Dominion Auto and includes two lamps, the switch, the wire harness (non-custom, so splicing is needed). I have kept this around for 5 years now with plans to use it some day for a special project. Me thinks I only paid $140 Canadian for the whole kit.

Perhaps DA now has a kit with the proper plugs for your specific vehicle, or alternately, go to a snow-plow upfitter and seek his advice. Its an easy problem to overcome.


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Nite Saber Lights

You may want to contact your Meyer Dealer. Meyer has been doing a "No Questions" asked exchange for the first years production of lights. Seems they didn't seal them very well and the bulbs keep blowing out.

If you don't get anywhere - Email me - I think we can help.



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Meyer Lighting

Meyer owns the molds to the nite sabre lights they use on the plow. These are not available anywhere but Meyer. Boss has also brought out a new light and it is only available through Boss. As for the bulbs, I do not know if they use a special bulb, some change the configuration of the bulb plug in so they can have an exclusive on the bulb and a light. The best thing is to call Meyer like CPW suggested.


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Thank you to all that replied to my question.

I have been working with the local Meyer dealer (who installed the plow and lights), and they have been good about swapping parts to fix the problem. Today, the lights are working and life is good - just hope it continues after the warranty is gone. Whould it do any good to contact Meyer directly to try to get a warranty extension given the problems I've had so far, or will that get back to the local dealer and burn my bridge with them? This is the only dealer in my area, next closest is Buffalo or Syracuse. I think I've plowed for the last time this season and the warranty expires Jan. 2002, not sure what to expect next season.

This is a great forum, and I appreciate the information.

Thanks again!

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JC Whitney Catalogs have a set of lights for $49.99 plus shipping.
When my lights go I'm going to replace the head of my lights with these. Thay take the old round bulb found any where for 5 bucks or so.
I plan on getting some Hella Halogen replacement bulbs in mine. I've had some in a old Dodge Van of mine. Loved the way the low beam was realy focused... out of the eyes of on comming traffic but brigth.

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