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Meyer Joystick Vs Touchpad??

Discussion in 'Meyer / Diamond Products Discussion' started by GeoffD, Oct 27, 2001.

  1. GeoffD

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,266


    Here is my question. 1/2 of my trucks with Diamond Plows have joysticks the other half have the touch pad. Before I go anyfurther I will remind everyone that meyer owns Diamond, there for Diamond uses Meyer pumps and controlls.

    Can anyone explain to me the point of the overload light on the touch pads. How come the joystick has no overload system? All my trucks have the E 60-H hydro pumps, the drivers just get a choice oh joystick or touch pad, and the dealer installs whatever we want. I would just like to know why it is there, and what it does, we have yet to overload the touch pad with any of our plows.

    Just one more side note, we don't have any of the new style touch pads, Just the old ones.

    Just want to know how the joystick can run the plow just as well as the touch pad, with no overload switch needed.

  2. CT18fireman

    CT18fireman Banned
    Messages: 2,133

    Geoff I believe that the overload is to protect the cisrcuitry inside the touchpad. I have a touchpad on my Meyer. I switched out the joystick. I had problems with the plow not floating because to angle the joystick had to go back to the middle. Personally I liked the old Meyer independent switches better then the joystick.
  3. BRL

    BRL PlowSite.com - Veteran
    Messages: 1,277

    From the manual: "This switch is short circuit and temperature protected. If either of these conditions exist, the overload LED will light. Reset is accomplished by turning off the ignition switch or by turning the power switch off momentarily and then back on."
  4. Lou

    Lou Member
    Messages: 74

    Geoff....If you have the old pads keep them. Haven't heard anything that would make me want to change. Been using the same plow for 8 seasons, and really have come to appreciate the keypad. Meyer didn't build a better mouse trap this time. Have a great season.
  5. CT18fireman

    CT18fireman Banned
    Messages: 2,133

    I have a spare touchpad because I have heard at some point it will stop working. Probably in the middle of a storm.
  6. GeoffD

    GeoffD PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 2,266

    Haven't had a touch pad fail yet. a joystick yes.

    The joystick had a few warning signs, didn't lower the first time, ect.

    Has anyone had a touchpad fail, any warning signs? We have spares, but easier to give a spare to the guy that is having warning signs, than to have his plow die.

  7. racer47

    racer47 Senior Member
    Messages: 381

    run all slick strick just like them never had 1 go bad but had gut get in truck and hit with his nee and break 1 after that i keep 1 extra 1 in my truck and you can get them for 55.00 buck compared to touch pad 185.00 it all depends on what your use to i bought newer plow with touch pad used it 1 snow.. replced it with slick strick.. just use to them.. brought up on old school western cable slick stick
  8. NickT

    NickT Senior Member
    Messages: 707

    Have great luck with touch pad. Knock on wood