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Meyer grounding solution


I took the following steps to eliminate the grounding problem: 1. Remove the ground terminal bolt and set it aside. 2. Clean the ground terminal, then polish to a high shine. Take a wire brush a make a couple of vertical and horizontal strokes on each side of it. 3. Cover the terminal with automotive grease. 4.Wire brush the bolt hole collar, then clean out the terminal bolt hole thoroughly, spray with WD40, and let dry. 5. Clean the bolt, and before applying grease, make sure it has a STAR washer. If not, get one. 6.
While your at it, clean and grease the Positive wire and stud too.

My rigs are parked outside all year long. I do basically the same thing to all the battery posts and terminals. I also use marine terminals which come in VERY useful for quick jumps or other emergency uses without putting the electrical system at risk (so what if you have to re-set the clock and radio stations.)