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Meyer E47 stuck up and left?... suggestions?

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by tsr770, Jan 23, 2004.

  1. tsr770

    tsr770 Junior Member
    from SE MI
    Messages: 11

    I hooked up my plow for the first time this year tonight and when I lifted it to help get the pins lined up it wouldn't go back down.

    So I messed with it a couple times and now have the ram all the way up, then I try the angles, and it went left and stays there.

    So now I am stuck with my blade 5 inches off the ground and all the way to the left. I will get it jacked up and taken off tomorrow, but what should I do about my up and left condition?

    I checked for power and magnetic field at the coils, and have everything where I should when I try to operate it. I can hear the motor running when I try to go right, but it just doesn't go. And have no noise when I try to go down (can't remember if it made noise last year or not) .

    And to make it all worse, I seem to have picked up a friggin screw in my tire when I drove out back to get the plow from the barn!

    "A" valve and "C" valve both? I have a heck of a time believeing that they are both bad, but I guess it could happen.

    One more question, any of you know where I can get parts and oil on a Saturday Morning in SE Michigan? (monroe county)
  2. Robhollar

    Robhollar Senior Member
    Messages: 766

    Check the B valve or coil would be your best bet. Mine did the same thing and I had to replace the valve.....Rob
  3. Turfmower

    Turfmower Senior Member
    Messages: 376

    The valve in back of pump by grill controls lowering. Take off the coil hook to power and see it energizes.
  4. tsr770

    tsr770 Junior Member
    from SE MI
    Messages: 11

    The B valve? From what I have seen, and by looking at it, I thought the B valve just controls the raising part, The A valve seems to control the lowering, and the C valve controls the angle cylinders. I have checked and all of my coils are energizing when called for.

    A friend has suggested that I pull the whole motor/pump assembly off and bring it inside for the night just incase it is just frozen. It has been below 20 degrees here for the last week, so maybe that could be it... I dunno, we got about 6 inches out there and half my friends and family have already called to see if I was for hire tonight.... I guess I should have checked it before it snowed, but oh well, they can wait I suppose....
  5. Robhollar

    Robhollar Senior Member
    Messages: 766

    From the sounds of it you may have multi probs going on. Check you quick disconnects. If they arent plugged in all the way. I had on go bad on me and it drove me crazy till i found it. You also may have a bad switch. But i tend to think your b valve is stuck. If you try to angle to the right excatly what has / is happing??????....Rob
  6. tsr770

    tsr770 Junior Member
    from SE MI
    Messages: 11

    When I tried to angle right it went all the way to the left, then of course stayed there. Now when I try to go right it runs the pump motor, somnds like I have it bottomed out one way and am trying to go further, drops my voltage, and of course dims the lights.
    But yeah I am sure you know the bottomed out cylinder sound that they make. Also both lines are hard, like there is pressure in both of them.

    As for the QD's I have one new one in my truck that I have kept for a backup, and I am going to try to find another one tomorrow morning.

    As for the B valve I am going to try to get into the shop where I work tomorrow where my tool box is and try to take it apart. I think there is a local Meyer dealer nearby, and hopefully they have a valve or o rings or whatever I end up needing. I did go outside and used a floor jack to lift the blade and reset the chain to hold it up. I got the QD's apart to try to hook the cylinders together and put the blade straight, but there seems to be pressure in all of the lines, the QD's were hard to get apart and I can not get them to couple, like there is pressure behind the balls and I can't push hard enough to get them all the way in.

    Any ideas where I may find fresh oil for the system if I can't get to the dealer? NAPA or maybe Tractor Supply Co.?
  7. mountainman36

    mountainman36 Junior Member
    from idaho
    Messages: 1

    Have you tried bleeding he system? There could be an air pocket that is stopping your system. The plow man I bought mine from suggested trans fluid type F for replacement
  8. thomasjkt

    thomasjkt Member
    Messages: 32

    Mountainman36, I had the same problem last week. I took the pump to a Meyer dealer and they bench tested it and found " C " valve was bad. My pump is a E47. I thought maybe it was moisture and had frozen in the valve but it wasn't.
  9. Robhollar

    Robhollar Senior Member
    Messages: 766

    The first thing in the troubleshooting guide with the probs you describe is they say change the b valve. When i used mine this year it did the same thing and thats what was wrong with mine. I think you can take the valve out and unstick the ball. If that works Id change it...Rob
  10. tsr770

    tsr770 Junior Member
    from SE MI
    Messages: 11

    Well I got it to work, changed out the QD's and it acted like it wanted to go right, kinda moved a little, then stopped. So I ran to the Meyer Dealer, which I found out is only 10 minutes from home! Picked up a manual, some new oil, and a B valve. He told me that it could be the valve, but he would check the filters first. Went home and pulled the filters, and low and behold one was plugged with thick goo stuff, and the other was about half plugged. Cleaned them out, put fresh oil in the unit and it works!

    Now all I gotta do is get them to take the unused 60 dollar valve back....

    Thanks a lot for your help, I now know where to go when I am stumped again.

    Josh P
  11. Robhollar

    Robhollar Senior Member
    Messages: 766

    Hey thats great that you found you prob. Happy trails to you....Rob
  12. streetsurfin'

    streetsurfin' Senior Member
    Messages: 770

    Were there any metal particles in the goo you removed. If so I'd be inclined to hold on to that valve in case your rams are bad. I'm going from my experience with a western, where the pivot point on the A frame was shot, the rams over extend then and break internal rings/clips, and send metal through the system, sticking in the valves.I bring this up because it all showed up as symptoms same as yours. I was able to free it up 1 or 2 times pushing against a solid object but it would not last long till sticking again. Maybe check that pivot point for wear.
  13. tsr770

    tsr770 Junior Member
    from SE MI
    Messages: 11

    Nope no metal, just a dark blue/black goo, really wasn't that much there, just enough to plug it up. If it happens again I may change the hoses, as I know that the hydraulic hoses on the big trucks I work on sometimes deteriate from the inside out and leave the same sorta residue in their filters.

    Other than that It may be time for a new system anyway, as from what I can find in the receipts that I got with the old Bronco, the origional system was bought in 1985 and the mold board was replaced in 1992, and is in deperate need of replacing again (lots of rust and some holes too). There is no receipts for pump repair or parts, so it may still be all origional. It may be in such good shape because the guy always took the mounting frame and plow off in the spring and stored in inside and put it back on when winter rolled around.

    At least everyone is happy now, I got my plow fixed, and everyone got plowed out and made the 20 dollar donation happily.