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Meyer 7.5 Install on an F150

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by hot_raud, Nov 18, 2003.

  1. hot_raud

    hot_raud Member
    Messages: 39

    A newbie here and I just bought a used Meyer 7.5 to put on my 88 Ford F150. I intend to plow my longish dirt/gravel driveway. The front axle weight rating is 2950 according to the sticker in the driver side door jam.

    The plow came off of an 89 F150, so I assume the plow will mount on to my 88. Of course, the previous owner of the plow didn't have any manuals so I'm on my own for installation. I searched this site and read the FAQs. The consensus seems to be that the wiring is the toughest part but the whole job isn't that difficult as long as I have the right tools... the question is, what tools do I need? Where can I find a manual that will help me with the installation of both the wiring harness and the plow frame on my F150? Will I need to know how old the plow is and if so, how can I find out? I don't even know if the plow is a ST or STL model - I assume its the STL since it came off an F150. How can I tell for sure?

    Any help is greatly appreciated. More questions to follow!