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Metal Pless Live Edge 10-16, Kubota M135GXDTC w/loader

Discussion in 'Used Plowing and Truck Equipment Forum' started by NLS1, Apr 19, 2017.

  1. NLS1

    NLS1 Senior Member
    Messages: 320

    Hi Folks,

    If anyone here is interested, I am selling my loaded Kubota M135GXDTC with or without the Metal Pless 1036-16 Live Edge.

    340HRS on tractor, was essentially a plow queen. And a great one at that.

    Fully serviced just a few hours ago from local dealer when they did a couple minor repairs, it is ready to go. Hours may go up a little as I use it at our hobby farm for chores, which we don't have much of right now since we don't have many animals.

    I have never actually used the PTO yet, or the 3pt, and never done any draft work.
    I have used the loader for a little snow pile moving and chores around the farm. Will safely lift about 5k pounds without too much trouble with the loader.

    Needs absolutely nothing. Fully serviced with engine oil/filter change and hydraulic fluid/filter changed.
    All minor repairs done by dealer the other day, ready to work, turn key and go.
    ($1500 for full service and minor repairs!)
    Dual doors
    Radio with MP3 plug
    Full work light kits- 8 additional besides headlights.
    Road lights kit with tail lights, blinkers and hazards.
    Air ride seat
    Shuttle shift
    Power shift
    24 speed forward and reverse
    24MPH road speed
    Front and rear wipers
    Front and rear lockers
    Bi-Speed Turn
    Auto shift
    Hill control
    A bunch of other stuff I don't know how to use....
    Filled Tires front and rear-Rimguard Beet Juice-adds 3k pounds
    Barely used front loader that has skid steer plate, with 4 hydraulic hose quick coupler and Push button 3rd function valve for hydraulic attachments on loader.
    2 pairs of rear wheel weights, cast rear wheel centers.
    Currently 2 rear remotes with the ability to add at least 2 more.
    Has grill guard also, that has to be removed to put plow harness on. That was removed right away, and is sitting in my barn.

    While plowing I average 2.05 gallons per hour hand calculated. Full tilt going down road is about 5gal/hour

    This thing is super heavy....not towable with standard skid steer trailer.
    9 feet tall, a hair over 8 feet wide, with loader about 18 feet long.
    Tractor weighs 11k
    3k filled tires
    1k wheel weights
    1.5k undercarriage
    2.5k plow
    loader when attached is probably 1.5k???
    plus attachment

    Turns on a dime. Amazing maneuverability. Very comfortable.

    Metal Pless, 1036-16, Live Edge, matching Kubota orange, full universal MP undercarriage and all hoses.

    Plow controls through loader joystick, 3rd function valve, and rear remotes. Very slick for plowing.

    If you want both the tractor and plow, I will buy you a new set of carbide wing cutting edges ($800), to send with you. The current original ones were not carbide and are at the end of usable life basically. Once the new ones will be carbide, I would expect many years from them.

    The Live Edge carbide cutting edges have very little wear. Still measure almost the full 6".

    Has the tire savers
    Has the curb guard wear shoes on wings
    Has nitrogen accumulator on lift cylinder, rides really nice down the road.

    It all received 3 pretty light winters of use. Maybe 250 hours total plowing over 3 winters. The rest was roading it site to site some, and driving back and forth from the farm to the winter sites in spring and fall a hand full of times, and farm chores.

    It is an absolute animal for plowing, the finest I have ever used. I like it better than a loader because of the better transmission and power to the ground than you get with a loader. Out works several skid steers. Comfortable, warm, super quiet, always excellent visibility.

    Everything was regularly greased and always sprayed with Fluid Film, and aside from a few spots where a little touch up paint would be nice, and some surface rust on the carbide cutting edges, it basically looks new. Although the tractor is dusty from the fluid film and needs a little power washing.

    I was planning to sell the tractor separately and repurpose the plow on a Gehl 7810 or tele handler, so that it is more easily transportable and more usable for me in the summer.

    But if someone here wants both, I can do that also.

    The tractor and all options, new was $93k, the plow was $24k. Not to mention taxes....

    Does have some remaining power train warranty I was told the other day by the dealer.

    Selling tractor/loader, with all options for $71k

    Both tractor and complete plow with new carbide wing edges for $84k.

    Plow will not be sold separately, I really like it and want to keep it if it doesn't go with the tractor.

    I will be keeping the 2yd snow bucket in the pictures, as I bought that separately for almost $2k and its barely been used......

    Crap this snow plowing affliction is expensive.... :)

    And yes, the picture with the huge pile of snow..... it does push that much.
    I hopped back in and put it in gear and pushed it over the edge....:)

    Please PM with questions or with offers.


    live edge1.jpg





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    1olddogtwo PlowSite Fanatic
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    Man that is the cat's meow!!!!

    Free bump
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    Mark Oomkes PlowSite Fanatic
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    I thought you were dog guy?
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