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I am new to this site I feel that it works very well. I have been involved with a handyman service which I have been running for about 7 years. I have some experiences that some people do not have, but I also believe that there are people out there that have alot more experience then I . Please feel free to contact me at anytime . I am also looking for someone to help with developing my business into a larger organization.;)
Welcome to Plowsite. Search not only the Snowplowing discussion, but the Elements of Business. Just surf through and you'll find a wealth of knowledge and experience. And ther'e stuff from Dino , too!:D Sorry, had to do it.


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Still havent identified what exactly it is that I spew around the site. Tests from the lab should be back soon tho.


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And ther'e stuff from Dino , too! Sorry, had to do it.

Well doc, I have a friend that has this rash............ lol

Welcome to plowsite.

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Doctordo - From your post, I assume you're looking for someone to put money into your business. I doubt that you're going to have much luck in that regard from anyone on here. If you do, please let me know who has the bucks to spread around. I would suggest you contact the Small Business Administration (can be found in the phone book). SBA can help with developing a sound Business Plan and can help with assisting in securing a loan if you have decent credit and your Plan is sound. SBA also has a comprehensive web site.

You might also try Coastal Enterprise, Inc (CEI)which is similar in scope and purpose to SBA. I think they're based in Rockland.
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