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Im sitting here and it was 65 today. The 5 inches we got saterday is almost gone except for some larger piles. What do you guys up north do? 70" inches so far this yea??? i wouldnt know where to put the snow. Welll i can see using parking lot spaces but some of my drives get filled from one 12in storm. How much melting do the New Yorkers and points north have?


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We usually only get a melting in late march. Everthing accumulates. I use a blower on my tractor to blow back piles a few days after clean-up is all done


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Where I am in Michigan, it just depends on the year. For the most part we have been melting off most of what we get a time or two each month usually, small traces left where We push the res, the businesses I usually see, still have the "dirty" piles left for the spring.

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