Meet at Expo


Jim K of Turf Magazine has graciously offered their booth as a meeting point for Lawnsite Members. We are thinking that a noon time gathering at the Turf Magazine booth might be a start for helping members put faces to screen names. I would suggest that each day at noon, members plan on gathering there. If dinner plans or other gathering plans are made, we could leave the details there for late arrivers. Thanks, Jim!

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
I went to that show for years. Haven't been the past two years. Too danged hot there at that time of year.

Might have to reconsider this season.....

Alan Addict
Yeah John, L'ville is wicked hot that time of year. I went two years ago and the heat was more than I could tolerate. I had been inside for a while and wanted to do one more round on the outdoor exhibits. Had to walk past where my van was parked and I decided I had had enough. Climbed in, turned the AC on "Absolute Zero" and pointed the headlights northeast. The van is a dark color and I could feel the heat radiating through the roof as I was driving, NOT fun.

Had one of those amazing coincidences out there , I stopped at a convenience store near my hotel and the clerk noticed my accent (I don't talk funny but everybody out there sure does) and asked where I was from. When I told her Vermont she said one of the other clerks was from VT. I stopped by later when the guy was working and sure enough, a Vermonter. Grew up two towns north of where I live and is grandson to the tire dealer I do business with.

I'd like ot do Expo again, but SIMA/Denver is sucking up my travel budget for this year.