May need extra help for this up coming storm

Discussion in 'Employment' started by RAW Details, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. RAW Details

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    The contractor i sub for just contacted me asking if i knew anyone else with a truck that was looking for some work this coming storm. The lots would be located in the Oak Brooke,IL area. Im willing to help u guys out if u are hard working. my rep with this company is very important to me. please PM me or call me for more info 847-809-6072 Bob
  2. PopsWinterSnow

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    We have up to 4 trucks and 8 drivers available for snow removal. We are willing to travel from Indianapolis with some type of guarentee that we will be able to work atleast 8-10 hours daily per truck/driver. Call me at 317-513-2077 or we can call you if you would like.

    Pop's Winter Warriors Snow Removal
    Deana Florence
  3. lawnproslawncar

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    Call me, located in central WI. Need some sort of guarantee of work and pay.
    I can bring a F350 W/ 9.2 VXT, snow blowers, and possibly a skid with bucket.

    Joe Anderson

  4. mfalbo

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    Located in Lockport give me a txt if you need help.. 630-768-8061 Mike
  5. jryden145

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    I can come down to help. 715.614.9739 cell

  6. OP
    RAW Details

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    sorry guys i lost my phone in the snow tuesday night. i coulda got all of u guys working. we were down 6trucks by wednesday. i got in over 60hrs. once again sorry guys
  7. Reliable Snow and Ice

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    well if you still need help give a callThumbs Up
  8. kingf350

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    wish i was closer and had a plow.....