May be one of the last !!!

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Unable to sleep..and only have 4" on the ground & still snowing, I will only start my route a 2.

My wife and i went to a nice vietnmien restaurant for st-valentine days. The first thing she told me was: "do you remember last year?" It was a mess, 18" of wet snow in few hours...

So I just take a look of the last years snowplowing calendar.

Feb 14 : 18"
Feb 15 : Clean up
Feb 16 : 4"

March 12 : 4-6" (every years i have a storm around the 15)

April 1 : Spring clean up and powerbroom 3 house
and the snow came back for 2 weeks but services was not needed at res.

Commercial and spreaders had probably work a little bit more than me. (This data are now recorded since few weeks, for next years plan).

Last years we had most of the snow between the jan 4 to the feb 16, 2 days straight plowing, half a day of sun and snow again....probably like somewhere in PA...

So the last plowing need always to be perfect and in time, this is the last souvenir they will have in mind when you will send your renewal.


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Erie, PA
Yup.... we find that the only plowing customers remember is the last one of the season.

Sure wish they remembered to pay for that last plowing too.


Yeah it's sunny and 35 here right now. Think I'll go back to bed, at least it was snowing in my dreams....Kraco_1
We just burned lots of diesel ramping banks. We did it to make room for the rest of the winter, but your comment Denis makes me think that our customers also now have something to remember the extent of the winter by.

Five days without plowing now. All caught up on sleep. We could use a shot soon. :)

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Deere john, your right about the rooming, I saw few pick up trying to push all this old freeze snow...The only thing i saw moving was the frame of the truck and the head of the driver up to the windshield.

I had finally under 6" of "dry" snow, a lot of sun and higher than freezing point. I was wearing a wool shirt and a baseball cap for using the snowblower...smells spring..

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