matching ignition and door locks

cutntrim - Veteran
Going through the fall-to-winter storage unit and truck shuffle got me thinking. Wouldn't it be convenient if all three trucks used the same key for their door locks and ignitions? Security concerns aside, it would save a lot of hassle when switching from one truck to another as we often do. If we ran three identical trucks with identical plow setups we wouldn't switch, but that's not the case.

Anyone know how feasible or expensive this would be?


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winterset iowa
usually your local dealer, or someone who does auto locks will have a kit to rekey locks. its a pretty easy job, the lock comes apart and new tumblers are put in the lock cylinder. the locks are pretty easily removed from the doors, you can save some $$ doing that part yourself or any body shop can do it. the ignition switch is a little more complex, it usually involves removing the steering wheel. spending a few $$ to have the locks rekeyed sounds like a good timesaver for your situation.

cutntrim - Veteran
I called a GM dealer about the locks and they can re-key the doors but not the ignition. So, I guess I'll have to live with the key shuffle afterall. Not worth it to just do the doors.

Oh well, it was a good idea anyhow.


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It is called fleeting. Or at least I have heard that term. I was pretty sure Chevy could do it. I have done it to the Fords. Makes it very easy for me to move the trucks and my drivers only need one key not a whole chain.