mass. area prices?


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palmer mass.
Hello everyone , new to group but i have been reading posts here for the last couple of winters.I am amazed at how much plowing rates very by region. I am in palmer mass. (western part of the state). Iwould like to hear from anyone in the area about pricing in the area. I charge a fortune and SOMETIMES feel guilty when i hand them the bill?

I currently do 1 commercial account and it is my full time place of employment also. I plow around several large distribution centers, which are all in the same industrial park. I charge per plow 2-4 5-8 6-10 inches each at the same price.So a good storm a foot plus.

ps. Looks like its goin to be another old fashioned new england winter!!!:drinkup:


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As far as feeling guilty about what you charge - my customers didn't feel guilty when I paid over $1500 in repairs to get the 1/2 ton ready for winter. The one where I got stuck last winter didn't feel guilty or offer to pay for the tow truck I had to call.

Most people understand about costs of doing business and would rather pay you than do it themselves. I lost one from last year. He called and said he'd bought his own truck and plow. Funny, it must be broke down. His driveway isn't plowed and his wife's car was at the bottom of thier drive. I wonder if she had some choice words for him while she was tromping through the snow to get to her car to go to work.


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Southwestern Pa.
I wonder how many other members here are familiar with "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a cave and Groovin With a Pict"? :D

And if I told people we do our bids using satellite imagery do you think they'd believe me? :rolleyes:

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