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I was reading previous posts on marking commercial lots,drives, etc. I had just one question, does anyone charge any of their clients to stake out the lots? Or is it included in the price. If so how do you charge them? thanks


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JML, we provide the stakes and labor to mark the lots on both commercial and residental accounts. We don't usually charge. Our idea is that the drivers who will be plowing the account will be more familar with them, expecially with the hazzards. We do charge customers if they pull the stakes and keep them for other purposes. Hope that this helps.


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No need to charge extra for stakes just add it into your price. Stakes are cheep compared to the damage one can do not knowing where the pavement linrs & obsticals are.


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I state in my contract that they will be charged if they come up missing at the end of the season. I pay around $1.60 for 5 stakes. I found that Lowes sells 20' lengths of 1/2" pvc for $1.60 while they sell 10' lengths for $1.38.


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The only customers that I bill for markers are per plow residential contracts. All others are provided as part of the contract price.


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