manual hubs loose (rattleing)

K-5 76 Jacob

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Ok this is my first post so go easy on me:D
I just bought a 1976 K5 blazer that has been 90% restored(my first truck)
just from chucks web page and here I have been able to answer most of my questions
i know that I have the 203 tcase that has been converted to part time
but heres where it gets interesting I dont know if they did all the proper steps when converting it from full time
(soo if anyone has done the whole thing a quick run through would be great i am more worried about the switching from the full locked hubs to the part time hubs part)

ok heres the question
my front hub on the drivers side is loose (can be moved alot by hand) it makes a load clank when i go over the smallest of bumps
oh I have factory rally wheels and I think that the hub is bumping into the center cap.
at my shop I disasembled the driver side hub to see if i could find the problem all clips where there (the wire C clip and snap ring) the hubs seamed ok but from what I am told there should be a large spring behind the hub well I dont have one I dont see anything in there but the shaft . so I disasembled the pass side to see what it looked like only to find that the only reason that It dint rattle was that it had a ton of RTV on it once again No spring.

soo what parts do I need to make this right Is there a cup(spring seat) that I will need also ?

please help if you can

Larry J

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San Diego, CA
K5 hubs

The hubs as I recall, I had a 79' K5, the spring is behind the spline looking keeper held in buy 3 screws. Behind that is a ring there is a nut, as it were. You should have a hub socket to tighten it. I think torque is 75lbs. then loosen 3/4 turn. You should pickup a manual Chilton or whats available. To change to part time buy hubs in a kit with the gears that go into the transfer case. I did it 18 or 19 years ago, not that hard. It upped my mileage by 2 miles to the gallon.