Makin any money ?

John Allin Addict
Erie, PA
So... what's the deal thus far ?? Anybody making any profits this season yet ?? Don't want to know numbers... just asking how it "feels" thus far.....


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Made good money Dec 5. Paid myself back for the preping, salter motor, pallets of salt to stock and pay for those driveway markers I hit. I know its just the beginning of the season but hopefully it'll be better than the last 2-3 yrs.


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not much work for me very few accounts this year.i don`t think im going to be able to make it into next spring with my small biz unless i get alot more accounts before next month which at this point i don`t think thats going to happen but im hopeful.


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No snow here yet. The last four years have been below average for snowfall, I was kinda hoping for a lot of snow this year. Oh well I still have some money coming in from my season contracts, its just that I only have enough of those to pay my base expenses.:(

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Plowed the full route once in Nov and once in Dec. A few plows for those with lower triggers and special requests. More sanding lately because of freezing rain. Overall, I think I may be in danger of having plowing termed a hobby by the IRS due lack of income in relation to expenses. Oh well, it might pick up later this month and next year.


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Southern NH
Have had 6 plowable storms so far this year so I am ahead of last year this time but nothing big which is good mostly under 6 inches easy push so far


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Good and Bad. I am making more money plowing than brewing beer.

Winter has been decent here. It certainly has been a learning experience. I never could justify the $75 plus an hour rates until I fried my altenator. It was snowing and I HAD to have one. Didn't matter what it cost. I had to settle for one I did not want, 105 amp when stock is 130. I had to have the truck up and running so...

I have recouped my initial investment and then some. So long as I don't back into something:D I should do well this year. I was hoping to break even and I am do that and then some.

I did not consider this as much work as it is though. It IS a second job. Invoiceing, collecting, maintaining vehicle, interacting with customers, bidding, and just being on edge every storm takes time. I set my alarm for 5am every day to check for accumulation.

I am hoping that things continue this way!



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All expenses paid for - Insurance, fuel, truck payments, upgrades to equipment, even a new motor in one truck. So far I'm on the plus side.

John, I understand from here that you run a fairly large company. Scared of us small guys??!!!:D :D

Just fooling with ya!



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Plowed 3 times so far this year,,, so yes i am making it and spending very little on fuel and breakdowns..... I hope it doesn't snow till march

In case your wondering all seasonal contracts 75 houses and 7 small lots
97% of them paid the yr in full back in Oct.


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S. Maine
The less it snows the more we make!!! We are 95% commercial and we get paid every month weather we plow or not! Would like to go out every once in awile though! Gotta love the white stuff.
2 plowable events up here so far,only a few minor breakdowns.Salting has been down though.That's where we make most of our money.Most of our plow stuff is all prepaid seasonal commercial.Both storms so far were quite large so lots of cash work doing drives\gas stations,etc....Have a very large salt storage house we just built and 200 tons of salt I bought in oct.Hope we'll get to use it soon.


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Mike 9494
If things are so tight with the business, why are you contemplating another 3000.00 purchase?? Just a question, not an accusation.


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Good and bad: Good= plowed 9" snow on Dec 5th made good money Bad= didn't finish all the fall cleanups yet, we just started back with them this week when all the snow melted hopefuly we'll finish in the next 2 weeks. Now if John Allin would just send my check for all the First Unions and CVS it would make it a VERY MERRY Christmas. lol :)


We've done more at this point than last season's end. 'Looking forward to the real winter months. Nothing like you guys up north get but I think the rates are a bit higher here and that helps some. When it does hit, folks around these parts panick. My wife's from ND and I'm from PA. It still amazes us.

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