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The Weather forcasters were calling for 2-4 of snow during sunday. At 9 am we had 2", and the snow was still falling, in total we got 8".

At 8 am i called in all the commercial crews. They started to deal with the lots that were open for business, any lot that was closed we left for the end. I used the method of when the snow stopped at 2pm that everyone except for the 650 and 550 would do residental driveways, and the condos. The 650 and 550 would do the private roads and deal with the roads in the parking lots. Our residental crew is only 5 truck so when we had 10 trucks doing residental we completed all the driveways by 8 pm, took 6 hours instead of 12. Then around 8 the wind began to pick up, to like 40 MPH and the snow went everywhere. At this time we went and started on all the lots that were closed, these went great not one person had driven on them, and we were able to scrape to the tar. The lots that had been open during the day were a different story, the snow had been packed down and was almost impossible to clear. We were able to clear about 80% on average to the tar. Then we hit some of the parking lots, and the private roads with sand and salt pre-wet with mag-cloride. This softened the snow enough so we could get almost all of it tar.

Finished at 5 am. I added another truck to the fleet this week, a 93 F-250 HD 4X4 8 foot old style mount fisher plow, used plow trucks can be a good thing.

Next storm thursday night into friday, maybe.

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