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Looking for some info on bagged magic and also to have my pile sprayed with magic. what is the cost of bagged material and how much does it cost to have 50 ton of salt treated with the magic.and is it worth it. also i do all my plowing in allentown pa and would like to know if anyone has a dealers number i could call to maybeget some more info from him thanks ,Rick ........also can someone tell me if it is realy better than straight salt, thanks again


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While it will vary somewhat from market to market I can tell you what it sells for in my area.
50 lb bags of magic will be about 12.00 per bag with pallet and multi pallet discounts.
Bulk salt will be in the 8.00 per ton range coated.
Does it work, yes and it works great. You can call me as well 860-859-0739 for more info.

snow control

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plowking are you a dealer and if so can you ship bagged material to allentown. i called john parker but he is away for the week.or if anyone knows a dealer in pa that would help also. the bulk magic salt is only 8.00 dollars a ton or is that just to buy the liquid and spray it myself..,.,.,.. thanks

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You should add the $8 to your bulk salt cost.
If you go to the SIMA site and search for Aspen Snow in New Jersey, they are a dealer.... although I don't know if they are still active.

Just an off the wall thought.....If John Parker will be back in a week, you should have time to get him to get you some product by winter.

Aspen Snow

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Thanks John for the referance,

Snow Control we are a distributor for Magic in western NJ. Our company is Aspen Environmental Companies give us a call @ 973-764-7600 or email me.


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Hello everyone,
After attending the Denver show and seeing the demonstration on magic, It left me a possitive interest.
I Emailed John Parker with my concerns and received
his response.
I hope and pray for this one special account which is pending at the moment. (hope to of course gain others)
My next step is the investment for the correct spreaders for my trucks within the next few months.
Sorry I missed meeting everyone personaly in Denver, but I hope to meet you all in the future

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