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Joel B.

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Does anyone know if Magic Salt is available in the Minneapolis, Minnesota area? I just have a couple of small res. walks that want salt applied. Is MS worth it or would I be better off with rock salt or Rid-Ice?

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Joel B.

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You can call Envirotec in Colorado and they should be able to help you out.I am at home right now and dont have there number handy but Mike Nelson calls them all the time so he might know the number and could give it to you
John Parker

Edward C. Duffy

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Maximum Salt Generation 3 Non Chloride

You may wish to consider some of the Generation 3 products, which offer even less corrosion, and as compared to earlier gneration products, these offer Non-Chloride additives, and they are BIODEGRADABLE.

Please review this website. Go to Horizon Products Division.

Fill out a request form, and comment that you would like to have local contact made.

Please let me know if you have any difficutly.

Maximum Salt contains a Non Chloride, Biodegradable additive that offers excellent perfomance and dilution values at low temperatures. Applcation would be for Highway use.

Mountain Salt contians a Non Chloride, Biodegradable additive with a more appealing appearance for sidewalk and campus type application.

Both of these Generation 3 products offer excellent, un equalled perfomance, improved environmental Benefits, and less corrosion.

Check them out.