Magic Salt or Mountain Melt??

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by RB, Dec 5, 2000.

  1. RB

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    I contacts a distributor today wanting to buy bagged magic. He said it's a great product (I know, I've read all the threads), but he is trying to sell me a product called Mountain Melt.

    Has anyone used Mountain Melt. What's up??

    P.S. their company was called Mountain Products so...
  2. Aspen Snow

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    I would go with Magic Salt. If Mountain Product is not interested in selling you Magic. Give us a call and may be we can help you find it closer to you.

  3. diggerman

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    RB from what I understand they are very similar. Infact there was some discussion earlier that magic might be suing the makers of mountain melt, so the formulas must be very similar.So I would say buy which ever one is cheaper. From what I have heard their performance is very similar and some say mountain is better.I do not use either so this is all strictly hear say, my guess that most who state that magic is what to buy have never used moutain melt and are also some how affiliated themselves or someone they know in the selling of the product.I am not saying not to buy magic, but I am saying that I do not think you will get an objective unbiased response to your question here.
  4. GeoffD

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    Here we go again.........

  5. BRL

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    Mountain products sells Magic, M-50 & Ice Beater. It sounds to me like they also bag one of those products & call it Mountain Melt so it may actually be Magic. Who knows? Good luck figuring it all out. I think these guys are trying to cover all the angles. Either that or they are just part of the big conspiracy, right Dig?
  6. diggerman

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    Boy becareful people have been shot for saying less
  7. iowastorm

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    Dig/BRL, are you inferring that we should call in the magic police to investigate????
  8. ADMServices

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    There is a little more to the Mountain products story then that. Has anyone talked with a saleman and Mtn Products?
  9. BRL

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    I think JRB mentioned that he lives right near Mountain Products & was going there to meet with them one day. Hopefully he'll see this & report. Iowa, as long as they're not going to do a raid & take my Magic away, go ahead & call the police in.
  10. diggerman

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    Police? or do you mean the Magic Nazis.The Magic Gestapo I think is using Lawnsite to brain wash us into thinking that they rule the world.So I think we should start the Magic alternative underground, what do you think.
  11. jrblawncare

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    Hey guys,I have not met with Mountain Products yet, but I will soon.I ended up getting some Potassium Chloide based product just to hold me over.When I do meet with them I will get all the info. I can and report back.I know he was willing to give me a deal on what he had left over from last year...this yaers stuff is much better....blah...blah...blah.Who knows? JRB