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Magic O?????

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by BOSS Adam, Jun 26, 2001.

  1. BOSS Adam

    BOSS Adam Guest
    Messages: 0

    Does Magic O hurt ur equipment? Where could you buy it at? Does it work really well? What other pros and cons are there about Magic O?

    Ino i'm an idiot about this stuff but thats what u guys are here for is to help me!
  2. 75

    75 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,382

    Hi Adam - check out the "search" feature (blue button near the top of the page) and do a search under "Magic". Plenty of reading there, good possibility of finding answers to a lot of your questions.

    Any of the threads that you find during the search can be brought back to the top of the list just by posting a reply.
  3. Taconic

    Taconic PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 180


    Sorry it took so long for me to add my two cents here but i just got back from vacation.Yes Adam not only does Magic work and save you money but it will also save your equipment.When Magic is applied to salt it reduces the corrosivity of salt by 98%. Basically salt becomes non corrosive and with all the various chemicals available today it is the only 1 which can make such a claim.The reason for this is because Magic is not low corrosive or anti corrosive it is non corrosive,The Magic will remove the rust from your sanders and reverse the rusting process.That is a wild statement but until you try it you will have to see for yourself. Not to get stuck on that 1 point but there are several other benifits Magic has to offer besides saving your sanders and prelonging there life. When you treat salt with magic 1 ton of treated salt will now spread and do the job of 2 tons of straight salt. The snow will not be able to stick to the pavement as the Magic will keep it from bonding to concrete,asphalt,or brick or basically any surface except a dirt road where you will not see the benifits of Magic as the product will seep into the dirt.Magic will not hurt your landscaping either. We are a contractor who sells Magic as well as uses it and the added benifits in time savings and money are tremendous.
    Thanks John Parker
  4. Comet

    Comet Senior Member
    Messages: 160

    Ill be calling you soon next week after the 4th holiday if thats OK?
    I need your expotese advise on the spreaders to use along with picking up the material.
  5. Taconic

    Taconic PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 180

    Any of you guys who are curious about Magic and how it works we are going to have a bbq here in Poughkeepsie,N.Y. where we will have Magic samples to give away and demostrations on Magic.We are going to do this either the 1st or 2nd Saturday in October.If you get the chance it will be a good place to meet other contractors and find out how they use Magic as well as those contractors just coming by to talk shop.
    John Parker
  6. TurfPlus

    TurfPlus Senior Member
    Messages: 179

    Magic on rust

    For those of you who are interested in what Magic does to rust...I took a rusty washer and soaked half of it for about a week in Magic.


  7. Taconic

    Taconic PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 180

    Magic pictures never lie. Nice picture John
    John Parker
  8. digger242j

    digger242j Senior Member
    Messages: 672

    This is a serious question....Has anybody ever thought of spraying Magic O directly on the underneath parts of their trucks? Would it do any good? Are there reasons not to (other than the trucks would smell like the stuff)? They get a salt bath every time they go out anyway. It makes me sick to see how much rust there is on things like brake lines on trucks that are only a few years old.
  9. Taconic

    Taconic PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 180

    I have customer who pays me to spray his loader down with Magic in order to keep the rust off his machine.The only real problem is that everthing sticks to it so it gets pretty dirty quick.Yes you can spray your equipment with it and you wont hurt anything,your equipment will be sticky though
  10. TurfPlus

    TurfPlus Senior Member
    Messages: 179

    I thought about trying that. The one problem with doing that, is Magic is water soluble so you would have to apply every time the truck came back to the shop. As long as Magic is in contact with a chloride (i.e. sodium, magnesium, calcium) there is no corrosion. We use to pressure wash the spreaders after every use and oil everything but now we spray straight Magic on our vee boxes after ever use and tarp them. We also spray them before storing them inside for the season. I'm going to start spraying one of the truck undercarriages to see what the results are. I'll have some before and after pics.

    I also have some great pics of a spreader using straight salt and one using magic salt. I'll post them ASAP.

  11. TurfPlus

    TurfPlus Senior Member
    Messages: 179

    Pics are too big to post. I tried to resize but no luck. We do have them on the website at the bottom of this page. http://turfplus.net/comparison.htm pics courtesy of SEARS
  12. GreginAlaska

    GreginAlaska Junior Member
    from Alaska
    Messages: 28

    TurfPlus, hope you don't mind that I posted the pics...I used paint to change the bitmap to a jpeg and then Microsoft photo to trim it down

  13. TurfPlus

    TurfPlus Senior Member
    Messages: 179

    Thanks Greg :drinkup:
  14. Brian Akehurst

    Brian Akehurst Junior Member
    Messages: 25

    We began to mount a couple of our V boxes this week.
    After using MAGIC last year, this is the first year we haven't had seized chain.

    Excellent Product!


    MCGRAIL LAWN Junior Member
    Messages: 3

    I am very interested in Magic O
    for my snow removal company. How would I get in contact with a local dealer.
  16. Mick

    Mick PlowSite.com Veteran
    from Maine
    Messages: 5,546

    Shoot an email to John Parker/Taconic. I'm sure he can hook you up with some one in your area.
  17. Taconic

    Taconic PlowSite.com Veteran
    Messages: 180

    edited out