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magic -o (magic salt)

Discussion in 'Ice Management' started by miked9372, Nov 18, 2010.

  1. miked9372

    miked9372 Member
    from MN
    Messages: 64

    anyone use it?
  2. Watch out yelow

    Watch out yelow Member
    Messages: 35

    Yes, I do. Great product.. Believe the stats
  3. fci

    fci Senior Member
    Messages: 122

    Using it for the first time this year. I am going to use it when the temp. drops below 15 or 20 degrees. It's about $120 a ton around here.
  4. jvm81

    jvm81 Senior Member
    from Midwest
    Messages: 387

    I was quoted today $150 a ton I need to get it. $5.50 a gallon for the liquid with over 100gallon purchase.
  5. miked9372

    miked9372 Member
    from MN
    Messages: 64

    do you use the liquid or with the salt?