Magic Minus Zero

Hello all. As you have probably noticed I am new to this forum,but have already gained TONS of knowledge in the past few days to add to my experience. Thanks guys !

I have noticed alot of people using Magic salt or salt treated with Magic Minus Zero liquid, and I am very interested in finding a reseller, or distributor here in Ontario, Canada.

I have looked on the web but there is no one here in Canada. I also found a product called Ice Ban,which seems to be a similar (or maybe the same) product. Has anyone used this and how does it compare to the Magic Minus Zero ?

Any help would be greatly appreciated


Lawn wiz

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Magic by Iceban

Magic is made by Ice Ban and it is a liquid that may be applied to Salt. You could call the distributers listed on Ice Ban's Website
Their website lists only U.S. Distributors,and the closest is Chesapeake,VA.I think it would be very expensive to ship, plus all the duties, and brokerage.I have tried to contact the listed salesman, but to no avail.

Anyone else know of a Canadian distributor, or someone in New York, close to the border where I could pick it up.

Thanks again



MAGic-O Salt of New York is a division of Rochester Jet Blak Sealers Inc. they have a location in Rochester and one in Buffalo their # is 1-800-724-9758 ask for Mike Mosca. They sent a letter out last week saying they had sold out of existing inventery, but they have been able to secure additional supply to satisfy customer needs. They have had both liquid and bulk salt treated as well as bagged magic available. They are a member of SIMA and have been great to deal with, tell Mike I gave you their number.