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Michael F

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Rochester, NY
Does any one know where I can get a information sheet on magic. I know I can get product locally,in bags & bulk I need spec, for selling to clients.


If you can get the product locally you should be able to get fact sheets as well as a msds sheet from your supplier. If he doesn't have them he should certainly get them for the same purpose as you, selling Magic to his customers, you and other contractors. Everybody on this forum as well as those that are members of Sima have alot of info on Magic and using it just from the discussions we have. Contractors that have never heard of it need to be educated as well as the customer you are trying to sell it to. Even if the product is a better product for the job like Magic is everybody that I have talked to is reluctant to try it. They want somebody else to be the Ginea pig even though you explain the advantages of whatever it is you are trying sell. Once peaple see it work there are no hesitaions and they haven't even seen some of the other things that Magic does(doesn't) do lke rusting railings and whatever else they have that is rustable, staining carpet etc. etc. Education is the name of the game weather it is a product or a service that you are selling.

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