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n y snow pros

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You can call Innovative municipal in Ajax Canada as they are the bagging facility for Magic Salt and they could tell you where to find it in Canada
John P


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you can get 40 kg bags of salt in hamilton for about 5 bucks a bag if u buy it by the skid. there are 40 bags per skid. the skids go for about 200 bucks.

cutntrim - Veteran
We get our salt from Ontario Salt @ $2.85/bag for 20kg delivered. That price is good for 4 or more skids (56 to a skid).

I called Innovative Municipal in Ajax, and they referred me to SuperChem in Weston. I don't even know where Weston is exactly, but they gave a price of $5.90/bag (not including delivery). He's getting back to me on a shipping fee, but that's a pretty high price to pay. More than double that of rock salt. We're willing to try some out, but it'd better be pretty amazing stuff to justify the cost.

Which Canadian Tire in Mississauga has it? Maybe we'll drive out and just buy a few bags to see how it works?

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