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cutntrim - Veteran
We're interested in using bagged magic coated salt in place of straight salt this year. Is there a Canadian supplier (Ontario)? John said in an earlier post that 25lb and 50lb bags are available for $8.50US. I'm assuming that's for the 25lb size. We get 80lb bags of #1 rock salt here for $5.00CDN.

Are the magic bags #1 size salt? Our tailgate spreaders won't spread anything else. I'm afraid the tackiness of the magic salt that John refers to might cause it to clump in our spreaders. What about using half-treated and half-straight salt? That should still be more effective than just plain salt.

If magic can effectively be put down before a snowfall and completely melt away up to 2" of snow that would be huge for us since we get lots of minor snowfalls around here.

Alan Addict
Magic salt goes through tailgate spreaders like stool through a goose. While each granule seems lightly tacky, the material as whole flows freely. In addition there are no lumps in it to clog a spreader. I've run both the commercially bagged stuff (4gal/ton) and stuff I did myself with 8 gal/ton. The 8 gal mix seems to run a bit better.

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