Magic and Aluminium


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I have an aluminium dump body with a stainless v-box spreader. I thought I read in a prior post that magic is corrosive to aluminium. I would like to try magic salt, but I would like to know what it does to aluminium.

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Magic and aluminum

Magic will pit aluminum such as door plates .Where you need to be careful with magic and aluminum is with aluminum valves or connections.In your case if you are already putting salt into your spreader which is in an aluminum dump body your problems would be worse by not using it than by using it.What i mean is that you are already putting a highly corrosive product ie salt into your truck.If sprayed with Magic the salt is neutralized therefore minimizing the corosivity of salt.The Magic will not have time to harm your bed as it is spread and not sitting long enough to pose a problem.We have 1 aluminum rack body with a sander in it and we only use Magic salt in it.We have not seen any damage so far and this is its 3rd season using Magic salt in it.If you have other questions concerning Magic, or liquid magic call me at 845-485-4200
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