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Does anyone have a good ideal on how to get off a locking lug nut. I don't know who the manufactor is,so I can't get in touch with them and I lost the key. I don't wish to damage any part of the studs.The outer surface is smooth and the inside pattern has five (5) sides. The truck is a 3/4 ton. Thanks Guys.
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Couple of ways:

Nut splitter,

Craftsman has a new socket set to remove stripped nuts,

Dremel tool to cut it,

All of the industrial tool compainies make an impact socket for this paticular problem (matco, snap-on, for example)

Just remeber studs are cheap, ALOT cheaper than a wheel.

After you see how easy it is to do, consider how easy it is for a thief. You will never use them again.

You might/probably will need to clean the threads up after doing this.



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I've done this:

Grind a notch in the edge of the locking nut with a cutting wheel in a 4" grinder, it doesn't need to be too deep. Shield your wheel from sparks (apiece of cardboard will do) so the steel particles don't become embedded in the aluminum and leave rust stains. Then take a flat chisel and hammer and knock the nut loose. It doesn't really take much effort.


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I think the industrial tool companies also sell lugnut master sets. my hs buddy works for a ford dship has one, maybe you have to be at a dealer to get one, but there are like 12 or 15 different styles, they all came in the kit, maybe that would be something to try. If nothing else maybe the snapon guy can ID it and sell you a new key, :confused:

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No the Snap-On guy cant cause he doesnt sell those wheel locks or keys. What the Snap-On guy can do is sell you the kit to remove the wheel lock. Its some special kit that is pretty expensive, I dont think its worth it for you to buy. If I were you, Id bring the truck to a tire shop and tell them you lost the wheel lock key and you want to take all 4 locks off and replace them with regular lugs and ask how much they will charge you. It doesnt pay for you to buy that special tool off the Snap-On truck in my oppinion. You can of course try breaking them or cutting them off yourself, but thats up to you if you wanna take the chance in scratching the wheel or not. Mike


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now that I re-read the replies i think i was thinking of this attached image, but I think you were referring to something else. Sorry for the confusion on my part. I think you are talkingabout the 'gorilla' brand locks maybe? is that a similar product?
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I'm a pretty crude dude so my way may not be too pretty. I'd get four nuts big enough to fit over your lock nuts. Weld it to the lock nut and put a wrench on it. Protect the wheel with some wet rags to keep them from catching spatter.


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If you've got alum wheeels...

Take a 3lb hammer, give the offending lug nut a half dozen good wallups, and the a pair of vise grips should be able to clamp on and remove.

I also have the lug nut removal kit from snap-on, they will work, but are costly.

As Alan mentioned, a nut and a welder is also an option.

Finally, a 12 point socket just the right size could be driven on and a breaker bar used to loosen up the lug nut

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