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LT8000 on an '05 Ram 1500

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by famouslee99gt, Feb 23, 2011.

  1. famouslee99gt

    famouslee99gt Member
    Messages: 68

    When I quit plowing the dealership I work at part time (plowed it when a full time employee but not after I quit for another job) they put an LT8000 on their 05 Ram 1500. They also had ProWings put on it. I have operated it just a couple times doing small clean up on the lot and I think that plow is a joke.

    I personally plowed with a Meyer ST-7.5 for 2 yrs and now a Boss Super Duty for the past 3 yrs and I think both are better than this Blizzard. The moldboard is so thin that you can see if rippled all across it and it's rusting for being just over a year old. Also with it being thin, they managed to rip the bolts for one of the ProWing brackets thru the moldboard. I even noticed the cutting edge seemed to have a small bow to it.

    It doesn't lift very high and I like my Boss in that I can double tap the down and it goes right to float without holding the button. I'm not sure what other people think of these blades, but I would never consider it to be a light/commercial blade unlike the Blizzard website says, its more of a sport/driveway only blade.