Hey All-

I was just wondering has anyone ever seen anyone using those plows from lowes/wal-mart? I havn't , I was just curious because I saw them for sale at Lowes....
There is a small handful of them here - mostly for the single driveway people. I make it a point to look along the blade each time I see one mounted. Usually, they are bent back 2 or 3" on each side from hitting the banks. There is very little strength to them. I saw one last year that was a truly collapsable model - one way only however.


I saw them at Lowe's also, last year. I think they are a "Snowboss" model. Could be wrong about that. Anyway, I picked up some literature on them, and they pretty much describe them as being for a homeowner, not commercial use. You buy the plow at Lowe's, and then the company ships you the mounting kit for your vehicle. Can't remember if they make mounting kits for cars like that one snowplow company. I think all the angling is manual also. That's all I know.

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