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my 1958 pick-up has a 1970-75 chassis (i'm not really sure. thats just one of my problems) The problem is that ever since i put in new coil springs in the A-arms, the truck aquired a 4 inch lift. I have been thinking of cutting a section of these coil springs to lower the front end. does anyone know if cutting the coils is the right way to go?


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IMO, if you're serious about lowering this truck I would invest in a set of drop spindles - which should be readily available for 73 - 87 GM trucks, especially the 5-lug (1/2 ton) version.

On a side note, if the new coils raised the front end that much perhaps they were intended for a 3/4-ton truck? They are available in different ratings for the various GVW models, and the majority of the parts in the front end are the same in 1/2 and 3/4 ton trucks - at least for GM's of that era.


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Rob is right. You never want to cut springs to achieve the drop.
If you use a torch you will lose the temper in the spring and weaken it. Also on another note many springs are designed to accumulate their force via a variable rate which is why the coils are not all even. Cutting the spring can tend to defeat this purpose.

IMO, with a truck like that, I would put air spring suspension on it, it takes the place of the coils , it the latest craze because it makes your suspension ride like a cadilac, plus its adjustable, you could raise or lower it . The cost is pretty much the same as spindles. Check these guys out if your interested.


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this might seem like a stupid question, but if i were to put the air suspension on the truck, would i still be able to carry a load on the truck?

thank you for the information
Of coarse you will still be able to carry a load, each air spring is rated at 2600 ibs , 1 would be able to tow a load by itself, and you put 4 on each corner, you'll be happening. My 95 1/2 has bags and it was the best decision Ive ever made.