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lower/float question

Discussion in 'Blizzard Plows Discussion' started by PAfarmer, Oct 26, 2005.

  1. PAfarmer

    PAfarmer Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    I just brought my new 800 HD back from the dealer. Looks good so far, but I have a question about the control I thought someone here might be able to answer since I trust you guys more than a new dealer.

    When you push the joy stick forward, it doesn't just lower, it drops like a rock. Does something need adjusted or hooked up different, or is there no incremental lowering? I read that pushing it forward for a few monents puts it in float, but it seems to float at the slightest push forward. I've never had a plow that didn't just lower slightly if you nudge it in the down direction.

  2. Blizzard Boy

    Blizzard Boy Junior Member
    Messages: 8

    adjust flow control

    on the back of the hyd. manifold, adjust the flow control valve,the one with the plastic dial on it. i think you turn it counter clock wise to slow it down. just be sure you leave the plastic cover off until you get it where you want it because if you go too far, the plow wont drop at all and its a pain to get to it (almost impossible) with the cover on. the manual will show you where it is located. good luck and congratulations on your new plow.
    Last edited: Oct 26, 2005
  3. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    The knob is located on the rear of the manifold. ABout 1.5-2" dia. Turn it in / clockwise to slow it down. It may take 3 of 4 turns to get it to slow down but when it does it will only take a little movement to make it adjust.

    P.S. mod you profile to add your city and your vehicle if you would. It helps with diagnostics. Jerre
  4. PAfarmer

    PAfarmer Junior Member
    Messages: 9

    Thanks, Blizzard Boy and Jerre!

    That helped a lot. It will still take some getting used to, but at least it's controlable now.

    Nice talking with you Jerre, and I'll keep your relay option in mind if I can't get used to this.

    TJDMAX Junior Member
    Messages: 15

    Don't forget to tighten the nut on the flow control knob to help keep it in place after your adjustments. Congrats on the new plow.
  6. bounty21061

    bounty21061 Member
    Messages: 37

    how would that work for a 2004 western ultramount plus i noticed the same thing whith mine it drops like a rock and hit hard.it has the new type of pump and how do i replace the oil it to i don't see anything on there on the bottom to get the old fluid out:yow!:
  7. Jerre Heyer

    Jerre Heyer Senior Member
    Messages: 948

    Bounty, grab your owners manual and it will show the drop speed adjustment screw.