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Low beams are dim?

Discussion in 'Western Plows Discussion' started by bob coco, Feb 14, 2010.

  1. bob coco

    bob coco Member
    Messages: 70

    On my 1998 Chevy I have a problem with the low beams being dim. I'll start from the beginning so I don't leave any info out. Okay here goes,

    Truck started out as a sealed beam system but I took the entire composite harness from a doner vehicle and did the swap. It was perfect with the exception of the DRL's. For some reason they never worked? It didn't bother me but now I'm wondering if that may be coming into play?

    Okay moving on, I installed a used Unimount which was a 12 wire harness. I bought a brand new truck side 9 pin harness which was plug and play, No problems there.

    Plow side 12 pin was not compatible so I got both schematics and traced wire for wire. I found a few discrepencies,

    1) I cut the right side Dark blue/ orange at the plow light and ran light side to ground. I taped the harness side.

    2) I cut the driver side LT Blue/ orange at the plow light and grounded the light side. Harness side is taped.

    3) I cut into the 12 pin plow side harness near plug and cut the Blk/wht pin #7 wire and tapped it into the Blk wire pin # 2. When I finished I tested inside my garage and didn't realize the low beams were dim. So I plowed with the high beams.

    4) Last night I did some trouble shooting with a volt meter. I'm getting close to battery voltage to low beams and high beams. But if I dissconnect either side low beam wire only the other low beam works perfect. If I unplug the head light completely the oppisite light is still dim but if I leave the ground wire and high beam connected and just dissconnect the low beam either Blk/Wht or Blk depending on which side the other head light is perfect.

    This leaves me to think the problem is some where else and not in the plow side harness? Anyone else have or heard of this problem?
  2. twinman326

    twinman326 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,683

    Either you have a bad ground or a wire reverse.Check the black/orange wire from the solenoid to see if there and corrosion or see if it tight. That wire should also go to the "neg"side of the battery

    Do the plows switch over when you turn on your head lights???

    Someone else on this site did the same thing you did..

    I put a wire schematic on here to show him exactly what wires go were (see below)

    9n12 harness pinlight.jpg

    re-check you wiring.. The lt blue/org and the dk blu/org need to be splice into the black/orange wire (tap off the parking lights inside each light housing)

    Instead of cutting into the harness, you could of ran a separate black wire from the driver side ( cut the black/white and use a "butt connector") to the pass side and tap into the black wire .

    #'s 7,8, and 11 are the ones missing out of the 9pin harness.

    9n12 harness pinlight.jpg
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2010
  3. bob coco

    bob coco Member
    Messages: 70

    The truck side 9 pin is brand new. I forgot to mention that I tried a direct hot and ground from the battery to the low beams. So I know it's not a bad ground. I haven't really studied your schematic yet as I'm waiting on a color print of your diagram. I will have that either today or tomorrow. My printer is a laser only black ink.
    I need to pull the spinner off after Tuesday (possible snow wintery mix mess) so I can fit it in my garage. then I can work on it in a warm place. I'm sure it's just a wire that either needs to be moved or disconnected. I'll keep you updated as to my findings.

    Thanks for your help, Bob
  4. bob coco

    bob coco Member
    Messages: 70

    Twin Man 326

    Driver side plow light repin? I'm reading your notes on the lower left of your drawing. It is written in a burgandy color. What is that? I did not move any pins or wires around inside the plow lights. All I did was cut the lt/blue and orange and dk/blue/ orange wire and soldered on a ring connector and grounded them to parking light metal frame. Then I cut the rt/side pin # 2 black low beam and spliced it into the drivers side blk/wh pin # 7.
    Do I have to switch the pins at the head light plugs?
  5. twinman326

    twinman326 PlowSite.com Addict
    Messages: 1,683

    The white wires for both plow light go to the "High" and the Lt blue/orange, Dk blue/orange become the grounds which should be tap into the black/orange wire.

    Here is a pic for the driver n pass side plow light plugs

    If you look at "A" that is a normal wiring. Picture "B" show how the wires have been flip around.

    for the "black/white" wire on the driver side, I would of snip the wire (inside the light housing), use a butt connector, attach a wire and ran it across to the pass side light housing and tap right into the "Black" wire.

    As for the Lt and Dk blue/orn wires, I would of snip them as well, and just tap into the "black/orn" wire (off the parking light) inside each housing. The wires you cut, just tape then good and around the wires inside both housing just to keep the away...No cutting into the harness..