Low ball pricing

Discussion in 'Bidding & Estimating' started by gcbailey, Nov 14, 2019.

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    I'd love to see one of those mini trucks in an hoa environment against a UTV.
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    A UTV with BOSS V and a 10ft swing wing back blade would be bad ass
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    I’ve had lots of calls in the past month or so for snow removal and most have said roughly the same thing when I ask what happened to the last guy, they either say they needed to buy insurance or that they just weren’t doing it anymore. Then when I give them my price they’re completely shocked.

    I’ve lost more than I’ve won so far this season. Oh well, don’t like it too bad.
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    Maybe, maybe not. Not if he won't get out and do the sidewalks and steps. Or if he will but has to shovel them
    I had a new customer last year. She knew our pricing. It was a PITA account 90% hand shoveling, lots of small sidewalks and steps.
    She sent a note with her first months payment, telling me " she hoped my guys got faster ".
    I sent her back a statement telling her " we don't work for people that don't appreciate what we do".
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    Several of our customers said they were going to shop when they received our increase this year. They all signed up again.
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    Wait, you increase prices? I thought it was hip to work with ancient numbers
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    I think it’s one thing to send out an increase to your current client base and still keep them, but another thing trying to get new clients to even sign up at the old price.
    The existing clients know your reliable so they’ll gladly pay an increase for great service.
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    “No no no, our rates haven’t doubled. Just that the 50% oof sale has ended unfortunately”

    Between the tax man, the insurance man, the salt man, the plow dealer, and the rent guy. Not one has kept the same or lowered their pricing. EVER.
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    You would just need to remove the roof. And remove the front seat like Bubba Smith in Police Academy.
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    guessing this discussion is safe to close out? If not, let's keep the discussion "somewhat" on point
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    I'm late to the party for a change but you could say the same for the auto repair industry.....why should Joe Average pay a real tech to fix his car when Craigslist is full of crackheads that claim to be mechanics and Auto Zone will scan your check engine light for free (and sell you a crap load of unneeded 02 sensors)??
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