Lot is Flooded!!!!

Discussion in 'Commercial Snow Removal' started by Hambrick & Co., Feb 17, 2008.

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    :help:I went to one of my apartment lots tonight and it was about 60% + flooded. About 3-5'' of water throughout!!! Called the property manager and he didnt answer. Has any one run into this problem before, and if so what have you done? I would imagine the drianed is blocked up with leaves or what have you ( I did not do the lawn care last season for this customer). Either way if we get the snow or ice they are calling for tonight its going to a PITA. Any help would be great. Sorry forgot my camera at home so no pics.
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    Is the drain actually backed up or is water just not getting to it because of ice and snow in the way?

    Today we went and opened up pathways to all our drains so the water could get to the drains.
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    Run in there with a blade and a shovel and open up the drains!!!

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    I Had The Same Problem Last Week With All The Rain We Had In P.a. I Used The Skid Loader To Cut Paths In The Snow Backs
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    There are no snow banks in the way of the drain as its in the contract that we can't pile in that area. I think its leaves or something blocking the drain. But I guess until the prop manager calls back im not going to do anything. The couple of times it warmed up I offered to clean up the leaves for him but he didnt want to pay for that so what can you do I guess??? If he wants I was thinking about going over there with a rake or shovel and try to grab what I can by the drain.....
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    You offered when the time was right, he declined. You didn't create the problem last fall. A lack of planning on their part should not create an emergency on yours. What's in your contract? Anything about water, snow melt? Runoff? If not, don't deal with it. Wait for the call & charge handsomely - it's outside of the scope of the contract. You're a SNOW PLOWER this season.

    This is my opinion, and it's worth precisely the sum you have paid for it!! :D

    Do what you feel....I like the feel of this: payup
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    When you're saying "flooded" do you mean from run-off?? Or is there an actual water pipe break??
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    It was a combination of the rainfall from the past two days and the snow melting off today with the higher temps.

    We went back over there put the 3/4 length firemen boots on and cleared the one sewer used for draining four 30 space parking lots (poor design IMO) Sewer was covered with mud, leaves, and trash. Once the sewer was cleaned up the lots drained really fast. There is nothing in my contract about this type of issue but I just didn't want to deal with a frozen lot as the temps are dropping tonight.....

    I will charge accordingly payup Thanks for the help. I have pictures but will post them tomorrow.
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    Haha.....dealt with the same problem a couple hours ago but this was a dead end city street where my condo assoc. is located. But ours as more like 5"-8" deep and we couldnt find the drains so its backing up into the residents drives. It's the city's problem now,...:D
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    How do you move all snow away from drains do u have a loader at each job? Yea rain for 1 1/2 days i had 1 condo complex with 2 feet of water on part of the road. Condo president out of town and he didnt leave me his check book.
  11. OP
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    I normally back drag away from the paved run off area so the snow does not pile up in that area (Per contract) Its a center sewer basin for 4 lots and they each have a run off path about 5 ft by 12 long I normally will leave the snow in the run off area but I will not pile in that area.
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    If you're a professional plower, you would not pile any snow on top of or cause a drain to be non fuctional. If you cause a water backup... you assume the liability for damage caused to property. If the temp drops, you don't want a skating rink... unless you post signs and charge admission:nod:
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    As stated above the blockage was caused by leaves / mud / trash not snow piles. Its in our contract that we maintain open access to that area for water flow.
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    Sorry:blush2:, I didn't mean to say you personally, I was saying you as in ya'll. Just a little advice for our junior members who might just be getting started in the bis. \
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    Twice I've had a blocked up sewer catch basin at my grocery store, alerted the property manager to it via email (and kept a copy). Pushed some of it off the asphalt with the blade and salted heavy when it started freezing. They clean up their own mess, I'm not climbing down a catch basin!

    Did the same thing early in the season when I realized they changed the gutters on the building, and some idiot put a downspout outlet right across the sidewalk..... :rolleyes: Needless to say its been a very salty area!!
  16. OP
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    Samething happened to me last week. Drains were all blocked, water was a good 8 inchs deep, did not have the landscape contract, told the manager that this would happen, he did call the other company, they did nothing, came in to open them up, and it was flooded. Manager was there with his hands up in the air, like what is he supposed to do, well, my guy and I walked into the freezing water, and found the grate, cleaned it off, and the water went away, the manager told me to write up a contract for everything. I think he was tired of not being able to deal with another company, used this as the last straw, now I have a full year contract with them. Sometimes, things work out well.
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    i dealt with this on a drive from all the rain. wasnt even a customer just a friend of my parents. drive filled up like a pond and was getting ready to run into the garage and house. I shoveled and chipped a trench out of the drive downslope to give the water a place to run so it wouldnt go into the house. wasnt fun i was out in the rain doing it without a jacket and with regualar shoes. i hadnt expected it just stopped for a minute.
    in return they gave me some cookies and made me coffee and gave me a towel to dry off some with though.:)
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    Some hip waders and a metal bar opened these up.

    Snow 3 006.jpg

    Snow 3 008.jpg
  20. OP
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    Finally got around to downloading the pics in my camera. Here are some pics from our flooded lot. I forgot to get the camera until half way through but you get the jist.

    Flood 1.jpg

    Flood 2.jpg

    Flood 3.jpg

    Flood 4.jpg