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    I have apartment accounts that pay a monthly fee for snow removal services. But they want to schedule a full lot clear, would I charge separate for this since it’s outside of the monthly snow event contract?
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    What’s a full lot clear?
    We don’t make any guarantee saying snow will be removed from every square inch of pavement because that’s a preposterous.

    here’s the problems with apartments and condos.
    There’s ten Managers and they all want a say on how the snow is to be done. And the fact they want a change order post contract is a testament to the previous statement.
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    From what he told me, is he will send a notice to all tenants to have cars moved by 10am & those that don’t will be towed.

    but I assume it would be an extra charge as I am returning to plow the areas I couldn’t plow when the cars were there.
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    If it doesnt say about it in the contract, charge for it. I tend to go easy on the price as it keeps them happy and plowing a full lot clear with no cars is a rare treat. If your contract has a section on a per plow price for off season snow visits that's a good reference. I find it takes me the same time doing the whole lot empty compared to it full of cars.

    But dont get your hopes up, there will still be cars.
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    Apartments and senior living always have cars that rarely move and spots that get either punched or dragged. It rarely makes sense to drag into the clear lane and push down to the end so I give notice that Im clearing the lot at a specific time and everyone moves there cars out. I get all the spots and push back banks. There is always someone who doesn't get how it works and it can really frustrate you.

    To keep communication clear i print up my own notice and tape it to the doors a few days ahead
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    Ah yes, there are always those handful a people that just ignore the notice but fingers crossed all cars will be move.

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    That should be an extra charge , usually time and material . They never go as planned because most people never want to move on time . Building manager should be there to help co-ordinate the circus .
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    I always laughed when the rental manager would say let me know when you plan to be there and I'll notify the tenants. If their cars aren't moved, they'll have to shovel them out. Great, but the spots on both sides of the car that's left don't get cleaned out either. :dizzy:

    I'd say charge T&M....and plan extra time for waiting and getting out of the way while they clear every last snow flake from their car while you're sitting there.
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    The 2 apartment complexes we do are structured...
    Main aisles and 2 consecutive vacant parking stalls are cleared then we come back for T and M to clean up. We try to time it for daytime house as it seems these 2 complexes have the most stalls empty then.
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    I've always found mid afternoon works best. 1st shift people aren't home yet and 2nd shift people are leaving.
    Never on a Sunday.
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    We have a large customer like this. Per push though.

    Full clear price for a pass through and salt. Then by the afternoon they move all cars and full price again to clear the rest even though the lanes are cleared and salted. I just do what they say/want.

    At the largest property they do not move 1000 cars I charge hourly to push/bd spots and salt again here.

    Any unmoved cars-can’t do anything about this.
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    Extra Plowing - (service call)
    If you ask us to come back the following day – (24 hours) after we have been there and cleaned up the roadways and parking spots, there will be an additional charge for this at a cost of $---.00 an hour, minimum 1 hour.

    In all my contracts.
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    I would charge this out by the hour, you know not every car will be moved, and per the residents, if there are any problems with moving, or towing any cars, you will be the bad guy.
  14. EWSplow

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    Are you saying that's a bad thing?