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Do those of you who clean up the vehicular pavement areas at the end of your plowing season ever have to clean up these lots at night to avoid traffic if they are open say 7am to 10pm every day 7 days a week??

I was just curious because we have just received a letter of confirmation on our bid for maintenance, and they are asking for a price on lot clean-up.

There have stated that the lot must be done after 10pm and before 7am due to heavy traffic flow during the hours of operation.

If you do your work after regular business hours, how do you bill?? Is it double time, time and a half, the price of the plowing??

Thanks for any assistance you can give.:)


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We do most of our sand sweeping at night, just because it is alot easire to deal with no cars, traffic and people, we do not charge extra becase I feel that if we were to do it during the day it would take longer by having to wait for people and traffic so by doing it at night it takes less time and we can do a better job, also in some cases with factories and schools we will do the work on Saturday and Sunday, but I would rather just work at night, We only run with three guys on a sweeping crew, one running the sweeper, one driving the dumptruck and one running the power broom, blower or shovel, the guy driving the truck helps with the handwork while waiting to load up. This seems to work the best. Just My two cents


Thanks for the reply

Thanks for the insight. It makes sense that by doing it after hours production will be greatly improved. The thought of running machinery after hours was pondering in the back of my mind as to whether or not it might become an ordinance problem.

Unfortunately, Saturday and Sunday are not daytime options because they are open 7 days a week from 7am to 10pm.

I will also see what I can do to utilize a 3 man crew.

Good Luck this season!

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No Sweeping

We had this same problem as well, the dilema of sand to be swept up at the end of the season in our lots.Well our problem was solved when we switched to Magic.There wasnt any sand to clean up after the season.This was a tremendous savings to us as our cleanups were virtually nill at our parking lots.This in turned saved on man power and the cost of hiring a street sweeper to come in and clean the lot.We lowered our costs yet kept the the spring clean up in our price, the net result was more money in our pocket.
I know this does not answer yopur question but it may give you something to think about for next year.
Just another way to make money in the snow business
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No I would not do the sand or spring clean up for free.Usually the customer (atleast in our market) expects the contractor who is doing the snow to clean up the sand in the spring.Most contractors realize this and therefore allow for that in there price as an exspense they will incur at the end of there winter season.My point was that you still put the cost of the sand clean up in you contract price,but by eliminating sand there is no aggregate to clean up yet you got payed for it.The end result is you used less material (by using Magic) and less labor which increases the profit margin on your contract.

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