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Lorenz 3pt 9000 series snowblower able to convert to 1000 CCW?

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Hello folks,
I have a 9ft Lorenze 3pt Blower that is CW 540 PTO rotation as bought new in 2017. I'm trying to find out if anybody can point me in the right direction to convert the gearbox or get another gearbox to allow to be 1000 PTO and CCW? I would like to get this to work on the front end of my tractor which is outfitted with front 3pt and PTO. No luck so far finding any info and thought I would ask here if folks have any ideas that would work.

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You know the augers are like a screw, they send everything to to middle. Simply switching gear boxes won't help.
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Wouldn't a gear box (if there was one) flip the output shaft direction CCW to CW to turn blower...The blower will be driven by counterclockwise input to gear box from 1000 PTO from front of tractor. The way it is now works for rear mounting as the PTO spins Clockwise off a 540 PTO shaft. I don't know maybe I need to shop for a new blower.
This makes my head hurt.
If you were to reverse the rotation of the gearbox and augers. They would then push snow to the outside,not to the middle?
So you would also need to " flip" the auger end to end?
And/or left to right?
Does anyone make a front blower fir your machine?
Could get their gearbox and put it on your blower?
Maybe sell your 540 model, just buy the correct front model?
Those are the most logical, economical things I see.
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The biggest problem is the blower itself. You can't simply turn paddles around, because, at least on mine, the discharge isn't same.
Think you would be best to find a front mount
I got word back from Lorenze and they don't make/offer a CCW Front mount style gearbox.

Thanks for the reply's
Pretty sure they make a front mount snowblower that comes off rear pto
He’s not looking to run the blower backwards, he needs a gearbox to reverse it because a front PTO spins opposite a rear one.

My Schulte blower utilizes the same gear box in either direction, just involves a half hour job taking it apart and back together.

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