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Looks like I'm done...

SlimJim Z71

PlowSite.com Addict
Cary, IL
Well... after much consideration, I'm getting out of the snow removal business. Things are just not lining up the way I had hoped, so it's time to move on. This is something I enjoy doing though, so hopefully a few years from now I'll give it another run. Now it's time to focus on my family. Plow and spreader went up for sale, and I even put my spreader on E-bay... I've never sold anything on there before, hopefully I did it right.

Anyway, I wanted to thank you all for everything. You guys have been a great help. If nothing else, I've come away with some new friends. I just really wish Eric and I had gotten around to getting together for Coffee before he passed away. Just goes to prove that you REALLY SHOULD treat every day like it will be your last.

Once again, thank you all for everything. My wife and I wish you all the best. I'm sure I'll still stop in here to try and keep up with things.

Tim & Family


PlowSite.com Addict
I'm sorry to hear that Tim, but you say you've given it a fair amount of thought and I'm sure you know what's best for you & your family.

I remember you mentioning "career change" at one point - does this mean you're going ahead with pilot training? Hey, if that's the case and you need to log some commercial time - feel like coming up this way and flying some jumpers? Take off loaded with passengers, land empty................... ;)


PlowSite.com Veteran
Good luck in your new venture, Tim. Wish it had worked out better for you, but you know what's best for you.


Senior Member
Southwestern Pa.
Good Luck, Tim....

Hopefully we'll all still be here when you get back.

(As I mumble to myself, "Smart fellow, Ya gotta be nuts to be in this business anyway"....)
I, for one, will truely miss you on this forum. Please visit from time to time. As one who plows in the same area as you, I understand with the way this winter went. And as one who has 2 active children I understand family at an elevation few without would understand. If I remember right you do this as well as hold a full time job. Too tough with kids. Its more fun, and fulfilling, to watch them grow up. Take care and keep those lungs inflated:D
SlimJim Z71

SlimJim Z71

PlowSite.com Addict
Cary, IL
Thanks for the kind words guys. I hope to get back into it within a few years or so. I've just got to stay a little more focused on my family for a while. Plow time was cutting into that a little too much, and having a little one waking up so many times during the night made it VERY difficult to get the required amount of sleep.

Good luck to all, and I still want it to snow like crazy!!!

Tim, From a guy who has been in your place I can tell you that next winter when the snow flies you will gaze at a truck plowing snow like a three year old who just lost his mommy, and your wife will say: "Don't look at it honey"
That being said, there make new plows every day, and there are better years ahead, your experience will not go to waste,,, just bug the crap out of you everytime winter comes.

When something is in your blood its there to stay, most of us here know the feeling, I am sure you do too.

Best of Luck,