looking to have a plow installed in NJ


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Very Last Minute, we just bought another truck, and we have a plow for it already but we need to get it installed. Does anyone know anyone in NJ that would be able to install it asap. I am sure I am in the same boat as many others, but maybe you have a local shop that isn't to busy. Let me know. Thanks

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New York is kinda close to Jersy,run her on up here i'll slap it on for ya!Sorry i know your in a bind i shouldn't mess with ya,but i could do it if you were hell bent,Good luck man


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New Jersey
I would try WestChester in Mount Olive. 973-347-1101 They're Right off Rt 80 by about a quarter mile (Exit 27 for 206 South, Make very first right by State Palice Barracks, can't miss'em on the right) They KNOW their stuff, are open 24/7 during storms and have saved our butts many a late nite. Talk to Wendy or Steve. They know their stuff.



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Where r u in nj? do you have all the hardware? what type of plow? will it bolt right on or are there modifications to be made? let me know we could probably install it Monday AM

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